Get It Done Version 5 is a very large upgrade behind the scenes.  You can read more here at our blog.  As such, the new and old versions are completely separate systems and will have to coexist for a while until everyone moves over.   

Here are the recommended steps to moving to Get It Done 5:

  1. Create a new account under the new Get It Done 5 system (   NOTE: It does not have to be the same email address you used with Get It Done Classic (v4).
  2. Upgrade your account to a paid account under the Settings button (gear icon on bottom left), then Billing, then Get It Done, and follow directions under Available Plans.
  3. Email us at when you are done. We will cancel the old subscription and issue a prorated refund so you are not paying twice.  

That's it!  Just make sure you are using the new Get It Done 5 apps on your devices (links are below).  We recommend you delete the old apps and update bookmarks to start from a clean slate.

Please note that Get It Done 5 is available in English only.  To learn more about the differences between Classic and v5, click here. 

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