Get It Done supports multiple users.  You can assign tasks to people who are connected to you and be notified when they have completed them.  This is a paid feature so each user would need to be on a Personal plan ($39/year) or your account needs to be a Team account ($29/month) where you can add a max of 35 people.  

You need to first add the user to your account.  If you're on the website:


  1. Go to the People tab
  2. Click on Add/Edit People button
  3. Click on + Add Person
  4. Add your friend's name and email address associated with a Get It Done account.  If your friend doesn't have a Get It Done account, we will send a welcome email with directions on how to sign up.

That's it!  Your friend will show up under your People tab and you can drag your tasks over to your friend.  


Please note: 

  • Adding someone to your People list is unidirectional.  If your friend wants to see you in their list, he/she needs to follow the same steps above.
  • For people who have a Get It Done account, they will be notified by email when you assign tasks to them.
  • Your people are able to assign you tasks, as well.  
  • New tasks automatically get placed in the Inbox area of Get It Done and those tasks will be labeled by who it's from.

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